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Monday Update!

Ginny having fun, as usual! 😀


Added pg 19 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

Amanda walked into the kitchen, dressed in a grey business skirt, white blouse, black thigh highs and heels. She looked like she had just got home from her law firm, instead of fucking her ass into our wedding bed all night. She looked at the floor and not at me. Darius smiled. “Well, here’s the party girl, now. Jimmy was wondering if you had a good time, last night. I told him you did. You did, didn’t you?”

Amanda nodded.

“Tell him, so he knows you’re alright. Tell him you had a good time, Mandy. Tell him what you liked the best.”

Added new Kim Pussyble sketch!

Hot sketch of Kim Pussyble’s mom nipple slip added to the Kim Pussyble sketches section


Yup. I’m still alive. Still updating…

I just got back from Blizzcon and I have to tell you that was really really fun. Diablo 3, Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm, and WoW’s next expansion looks amazing. I’ll definitely try to get Tyreal’s Charger. For any WoW players who want to meet me ingame, my character is Raylene (horde) on the Suramar server. I don’t play often and my gear is utter crap so try not to laugh out loud when you see me.

-I’ll talk about Wrong House 8 next week. Obviously I have a lot to talk about with that comic. I said I’d show some sketches this week, but I think I should wait til next week.

– 4 pages of Mount Harass 2 is inked.

Libertywoman 2 has been sent to Sharpie. He informs me he’ll start on the first page next week.

– Covers for Moneymaker and Give Me an A are in Alek’s hands now.

– So I said I’d show some sketches from Mount Harss 2 and Spydersperm. Here it is.

I’m hoping to get ‘something’ done this week because next month will be dedicated to getting Moneymaker 10, 11 and Give Me an A 5 done. JuanMar Studios promises Santa’s HoHoHos will be done this week. JG Cuello informs me that he’s still working on Angel Pie and Wrong House 7. He also sent a sample page of Angel Pie. Hope ya like it. Because it’s coming very soon.


oh and remember to vote for Team Hello Kitty next week!