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Added Cover Page of MoneyMaker 6 to the Comics Gallery

Added pg 36 to “The Apology” comic

Taylor didn’t have time to be horrified. No one had ever shot sperm inside her. Joe had always used a condom. Jet after jet of his hot seed filled her unprotected womb triggering her biggest orgasm yet. Taylor screamed in pleasure. The orgasm seemed to last forever. “Fill me pussy,” she whispered in his ear, as her body was still racked by the orgasm…

Added pg 15 of "Farm Lessons 16"!

Added pg 15 of “Farm Lessons 16”!

The salesman plunges deep inside Rita Mae..
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Added 5 Sketches to the Sketches Gallery

Added Page 15 of Car Trouble

Vivian walked on her knees over towards the black teen. She undid his pants, finding herself looking forward to seeing what his cock looked like. She wasn’t disappointed.

Added MHN sketch

Added MHN sketch

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Added Page 6 of O Girl to the Kinkytales Comic Gallery

Added pg 31 of “Car Trouble”

Vivian awoke exhausted on the couch. Sperm was crusted on her lips, belly, and breasts which made her think they’d fucked her a few more times after she passed out. Plus, her ass was squishy with a fresh load of semen trickling out. Her body was covered with dried sperm and grease. She crinkled her nose distastefully at the mess as she began dressing.

Added pg 21 of "My Hot Ass Neighbor 5"!

Added pg 21 of “My Hot Ass Neighbor 5”!

Sharona rubs herself on top of Angus, but then accidentally… whoops..
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