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Hey everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the content so far. Recently I decided to run a comic from start to finish in under a month. Let me know how you feel about that. Okay so we got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that the next comic will be Gillygan 2 coming in the next update. In addition, all the holiday pinups for February are done and will be release on schedule. They look great and I can’t wait to release them. We’ll also have a “Hood Trailer” available in March which was a fun project to play with. Finally, Enigmawing and I will be working with Carnal Comix to release a Demi comic for both the site and for publication under Carnal Comics. Enigmawing volunteered to do the full cover while I’ll be pencilling about 5 pages of Demi’s 40+ page comic. We’re both excited to work on Demi and we can’t wait to show you the final product.

The bad news here is that because all the holidays all land on a Sunday/Monday, Hood 3 will not be updated again til Febrary 27th. Also, Libertywoman (which is scheduled to run this month), will now be updated a little differently with only one page being update a month. This will allow Sharpie to give the title some quality and polish and have time to work on his own titles Fusion, DrunkDuck’s crossover (happening right now), and his Justice League parody. And the Dangergirl parody (which is scheduled to be released after the Spartacus parody) may see a delay due to the fact that it’s not done yet. Shelly and I are working very hard to get it done on time but if it is not done on time, we will release a different comic (possibly the Aspen parody) in its place.

Added pg 8 of “Lessons from the Neighbor 2”

She watched Jamal walk over to her and he kneeled down before her legs. She felt a shiver run up her spine when he began pulling her knees apart. “Jamal, aren’t you going to take your shorts off?”

“It’s not necessary,” he responded, then added, “Why?”

So I can see it again, touch it, taste it. Because it’s the proudest, most incredible thing I’ve ever seen…

Added pg 10 of Dat Ass!

Helen asks for a week to think over Alex’s proposal..

Added Page 7 of Hood 3 to the Kinkytales Gallery



Nothing quite like a black anal pounding.

Added a Triple Headshot to the Comixbook Parody Gallery

Added Americunt Dad parody pic

Steve and Francine..

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Added pg 7 of “Lessons from the Neighbor 2”

“Alright,” said Megan. She reached around back to untie her top and stopped when she realized he was watching her. Then thinking he had already seen her naked, so what the hell, she removed her top. Megan smirked in satisfaction at the way his eyes immediately zoomed in on her erect nipples. She found she kind of liked undressing for a man and wiggled her hips seductively as she slid her bottoms off. Megan was rewarded by movement from his cock swelling in his shorts…

Added pg 8 of Omega Girl 4!

Raz rides on top of Jesse..

New Sketch


I uploaded the hi-res.