Archive for March, 2016

Added a Wrong House Sketch!


Added a LollyGagging Pinup!

Added a Dat Ass Sketch!

Added Page 21 of Action Fuckin’ Hank 2!

Will Hank be saved? Can a cure be found? Find out when next our girthy hero returns!

Added Cover Page of The Wrong House 9!

The Mystery Girl returns! George gets more blue than ever!

Hump Day


I did this rough sketch a few years ago. It was based on the Geico commercial with the talking camel. It’s just something I did for fun because that commercial cracked me the hell up. Though talking camels are cool, I prefer tits. Big ones.

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Added Page 8 of Kinkytales RPG!


Added Page 2 of Keeping It Up with the Joneses 4!

That tea isn’t the only thing that’s hot!

Orgasms are awesome.


Added Page 18 of Grumpy Old Man Jefferson 5!

Has anyone seen the new cover page for the TPS report?