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Added Page 4 of Moneymaker 7 to the Comics Gallery

Legiocomix Update – November 30th

Allmost there! 😀

Added pg 5 of Omega Girl 4!

John sneaks into the warehouse and notices the janitor fucking the cleaning lady..

Added Total Drama Island parody pic

Total Drama Island parody pic by Rick Fields

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Added pg 16 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

Megan smiled seductively and dropped to her knees crawling between his legs. “I don’t know about you Harold, but I know what I’m having for dinner.” Megan smiled up at Jamal and unbuttoned his jeans. She found her eyes wandering up and down his granite chest and abdomen as she slowly unzipped his jeans. She could feel his penis jump underneath his briefs as she finished. Her mind must be playing tricks on her because it felt immense. She ran her hands around the inside of his jeans and around to his hard ass. He lifted his hips and she pulled his jeans off and threw them behind her…

Added Page 12 of Mount Harass: First Date to the Kinkytales Comic Gallery

Added pg 12 of Ay Papi 15!

While Silvia’s getting double teamed, Natalie accidentally bumps a box raising attention to her presence with Julia..

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Added pg 15 of “Lessons from the Neighbor”

This time the “Hi honey, I’m home,” was barely out of his mouth before she had thrown her arms around his broad shoulders and her tongue was pushing into his mouth. Jamal reached down and put his hands on her ass cheeks pulling her tight against his body so that she could feel how big his cock was. She seemed to pause for a minute when he rubbed his cock along her belly but she continued to kiss him..

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