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Added Page 2 of Archee to the Quickies Gallery

Added Page 24 of Car Trouble

“Come on, do it?”

“I will not,” said Vivian feeling like a whore. She was squatting over a small trash can wondering if she’d ever get all of Lou’s sperm out of her pussy.

Added pg 7 of "Wrong House 6"!

Added pg 7 of “Wrong House 6”!

Jason does Jessica up the butt..
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Updated Celebrity gallery

Added pics of Avril Lavigne nude and Elaine Benes nude

Added Page 13 of O Girl to the Kinkytales Comic Gallery

Added pg 6 of "Americunt Dragon #2"

Added pg 6 of “Americunt Dragon #2”

Jake plows into Susan..

Summer Update

Well it’s been several months since I spoke in this blog. Things have been very good lately and I have the members to thank for that. My staff and I thank you members kindly. It is your passion as fans and your contribution that keeps this site alive. You’ll notice we’ve posted our week’s update on our front page. We’ve also have our updates linked to the JABville blog, which will allow you to see not just our updates, but the updates of Dirtycomics, Andes Studios, Legiocomix, Poonet, and JABcomix. And for those with high grade monitors and hardware, we’re in the process of upgrading our images 500/800w to 1200w pixel quality. In addition, I’m introducing a new talent named Jinx who will produce some additional work for the site. With more talent helping out, I will re-evaluate how we update currently.

Some of you may know that I plan to launch Hood 3 after O Girl is done. This has changed. I’m going to have Mount Harass 0 come next. This is because parts of Mount Harass 0 will be published as an anthology comic by a friend of mine. Therefore I wanted you all to see it first before it becomes a paperback. I’ll keep you all informed on the publication progress as it comes. Hood issue 3 will launch in early winter. I apologize for any inconvience this may cause.

That’s it from me. Enjoy the site!

Added Page 2 of Gene69 to the Quickies Gallery

Added Ay Papi sketch

Added Ay Papi sketch

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*Edit: New one:
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Added 1 Pinup to the ComixMedia Parody Gallery