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Start of New Comic: Christie! (added cover and page 1)

Meet our newest comic cutie: Christie

Added new Forum to the navigation

Added new Forum to the navigation

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Added Page 33 of Car Trouble

It was dark outside now, probably pretty late and no longer raining. The streets were empty.

Added Page 32 of Car Trouble

The warehouse/garage was empty when she walked out of Lou’s office. Not just empty of people, empty of everything. No black men, no tools, and no cars, including her own…

Added Page 31 of Car Trouble

Vivian awoke exhausted on the couch. Sperm was crusted on her lips, belly, and breasts which made her think they’d fucked her a few more times after she passed out.

Added Page 30 of Car Trouble

“I’m the truck driver.” This man was very black and had a slight African accent. His cock too felt huge and it was quickly stimulating her to another orgasm.

Added Page 29 of Car Trouble

Vivian awoke to pain again. This time it was in her stomach. She was bent over the back of the couch getting fucked again and the couch was pushing into her stomach.

Added Page 28 of Car Trouble

Vivian pressed her clit hard into Brad as she pushed back into Fish. “You liking it now, bitch?” asked Fish. “You like having your ass stuffed full of black cock?”