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Added a Peaches & Cream Pinup!

Added a Patriotic Pinup!


Moose Sketch


This started off being Morena from the Chicas. Then I inflated the boobs and gave her bigger cheeks (facial, not butt cheeks) so I figured now it’s a random chick.

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Added Page 21 of Keeping It Up with the Joneses 4!

Something is awry…

Living The Libido Lifestyle Book

By Moose


I can’t remember if I posted this or not so… I colored this wonderful Rick Field’s drawing about a year ago. This was the first time I colored Rick since our Farm Lessons days. I miss him. :( The book is on Amazon if you’d like to check it out.

Added Page 1 of The Habit 3!


Added a Dat Ass Sketch!

Added a Dat Ass Sketch!

Anastasiya Kvitko

I’ve seen pics of her online but I never knew her name…until yesterday. :)





Member Update: Page 10 of The Big Gangbang Theory #2


Earnadette is suspicious.