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Added Page 04 of Kym Pregnable 3 to the Quickies Gallery!

Added Rebecca DeMornay nude pic!

Added hot pic by KJ of Rebecca DeMornay nude and fingering herself

Located in the “Celebrities” gallery

Added pg 10 of The Tale of Kiki Possible!

Bonnie has a wild shooting orgasm on stage..


On behalf of Team Hello Kitty 3: Dark Kitty Rises I’d like to thank everyone who voted for us. It does mean a lot to us at both and so thank you ever so much for the victory.

I am disappointed that there weren’t more entries but that’s JAB’s and Web’s issue to resolve. What is important is you guys and gals (are there any gals here?) out there. This win is for you and it’ll always be for you. You’re the real winners here.  So for our fans, here’s an advance viewing of this pic. It’ll be up at JAB’s forum sometime this week. Thank you again and enjoy JKRcomix’s next title release, Angel Pie.

The hi res raw version will be up on Friday.

Monday Update

Today, to give Monday a breathe, we decided to add something sweeter to our gallery. All-girl update!

Enjoy! ^^ (Ginny returns next week!)


2011 Collaboration Contest Results

Congratulations to Team Hello Kitty (JKR/Moose) for winning the JABcomix 2011 Collaboration Contest!
2nd place winner: Team Spacewok (Spaceace/Wok)
3rd place winner: Team Gemlord-Sinope

Many thanks to all those who participated!

Our members poll results are as follows:

Which team should win our 2011 Collaboration Contest?
Team Gemlord-Sinope 110 20%
Team Hello Kitty 230 42%
Team JK Balling 12 2%
Team Love Haters 3 1%
Team Spacewok 126 23%
Team Starforce 5 28 5%
Team Totally Stranger 42 8%
Total votes: 551
Start date: Nov 4, 2011
End date: Nov 28, 2011


Cyber Monday…

You know I don’t know why we didn’t participate in this.. but oh wells. Maybe next year.

-While I didn’t do any serious work last week, I did manage to get 3 pages of Archee 3 done as well as some more promo work for the site.

Walnuts 3 is now in Misterioso’s hands.

-Also I did a bit of wiki work for Angel Pie. You can see it here.

-So now it’s back to work. I plan to get another page of Dangerwoman 2 done, the remaining pages of Archee 3  done, and spend the rest of the week on Moneymaker x .

-I also plan to speak with a new artist Leandro Corral about being an inker for my site. You can see his work here. I guess we will find out what happens.

-Finally for you guys, here’s an update to the banner. Enjoy.

Added Page 15 of Mount Harass: First Date 2

Added pg 32 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

I started the car and wondered what he meant by that, let alone what life was going to be like at home. Darius had said to let it get back to normal – what the fuck is normal now?

I did not even know at that time that when Darius said we were even, what he actually meant. He had left a legacy behind.

At first it was just irrelevant money things. Darius left a phone bill with over $800 in long distance charges, he “borrowed” one of my credit cards and charged over $2,100 in clothes and luggage, and over $1,000 spent at the local strip club. Jesus, when did he have the time?

Added new Ay Papi sketch!