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Added a Blonde Pinup to the Comixstrip Parody Gallery

Legiocomix Update – June 1st


It seems that Tellus and Seth prefer the 80’s look in Ororo! 😀
No questions tonight, folks, just enjoy!!


Added pg 5 of “The Williams Girls Go Black”

Added pg 5 of “The Williams Girls Go Black” to the comics section

Added pg 18 of Farm Lessons 17!

Boo Boo fucks Nelly from behind while Kelly plays with her from the front..

Legiocomix Update – May 30th


Unfortunately the piece isn’t colored yet, but believe me, thats She-Hulk down there – thats why we needed three girls to put her in her proper place. 😉

Thanks for all your answers every time we ask a question here. Your answers are – sometimes – nice surprises, like to know that a pleasure look in the heroine face is very appreciated. And sorry if my english is more broken than usual today – it was a long, productive day for all of us. We decided that instead release that new heroine story in two weeks, we’ll focus in finish Monday and the Another Worlds stories. Next weeks will be bumpy for us, but we’ll resume those stories as soon as possible, and give them an end before we go for the next comic.

And, to end this post, tonight’s question is: How much would you tolerate a change in the heroine, in these aspects?
1. Physical – examples are breast expansion, growing a cock, change in the costume, etc.
2. Mental – examples are increasing libido, decrease IQ, mind break, etc.
3. Social/Status quo – examples are turning evil, losing the respect of the public, etc.

Please tell us what things you like, instead what you don’t like. (Heroine becoming evil is a good answer, heroine becoming the sidekick of her former sidekick is a good answer. “Bad ending” isn’t a good answer, because it’s totally personal. “Heroine becoming a slave for life of the villain” would be a good answer for a ‘bad ending scenario’.)

If you don’t like any change in the heroine, then tell us what kind of scenario you like. And remember, nobody is here to judge you on what you like.

And enjoy!


Added Batgirl-Cat Woman sex parody

Catwoman licking some sweet nectar out of Batgirl

Located in the parodies->superbabes->Gotham Girlz gallery

Added Page 1 of Asspen to the Quickies Gallery

Legiocomix Update – May 29th


First of all, thanks for the many answers in the last post! It’s great to know that there’s more people interested in slutty heroines than we could expect – well, at least from those who answeed. ^^ That help us to know you better, and deliver better stuff, better attuned to you.

Anyway, here’s the spy who everyone wanted to shag. 😉

Tonight’s question is related to yesterday’s:

What of the faces below you’d like to see represented more often in the heroines pin-ups, or pin-ups in general? I mean the one is ‘receiving’, the one who get things done on her.

1. “So much pain! I can endure it, but I don’t know how much!” (painful agony)
2. “It’s so humiliating! What people would think of me after see me like this?!” (crying humiliation)
3. “Come on! Stop playing and do me harder!” (seductive lusty)
4. “Fuck! Fuck! Must fuck!” (crazy dumb)



Added 2 pics to the Miscellaneous gallery

Added 2 softcore pics by KJ to the Miscellaneous gallery

Added pg 49 of A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts!

The one thing I was hoping to do, but never would have asked even if I did have control, was to fuck Cat. I wanted to take her virginity, like her sister had taken mine. But, I definitely didn’t want to pressure her into it. I mean, ordering someone to eat their sister out is big, but losing your virginity is sacred. Especially to a Catholic.

“Yes… I really want to.” Cat squeezed my hand, gazing into my eyes…