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She-Cat pencils for page 1


in addition to the fourth newsletter being released in the last 3 months, we’ve updated the preview page. So check it out.

More changes in LEGIOCOMIX

Yeah, our webmaster just refuses to change our look. It seems we’re doomed to keep that look for years to come. Meanwhile, we do what we can do to keep running it: we defined a schedule for the next updates. More news later.


Added Page 03 of California Poon 3 to the Quickies Comic Gallery

Added Rihanna sex vacation pic!

Sizzling tabloid-esque pic of Rihanna having sex on a yacht on her vacation, drawn by KJ

Added new “The Incuntables� parody pic!

Added a hot parody pic of Elastigirl stripping

Located in parodies -> movies -> The Incuntables

Progress update

So this weekend, I finished the lineart for Santa’s HoHoHos (dec) and it’ll be sent to Mai to color next friday. Enigmawing has finished coloring the first 5 pages of O Girl 2 (Mar 2012).  Tayfun got all the pages for Hood Halloween (oct) colored and now it’s in the hands of DigitalCAPs. Julian Cuello and DigitalCAPs are now done with Kym Pregnable 3 (nov) and is waiting for its release. Julian is now coloring Angel Pie (dec). GemLord contactd and informed me he’s having some personal and professional issues to deal with but will get the inking done for JAB’s sex ed soon. After Julian is done with Angel Pie, he’ll be working on both JAB’s The Wrong House 7 and JAB’s sex ed. As for me, I’ll be working on the last page of Assvengers (Apr 2012) tonight and plan on doing some inking for Asspen (May 2012) and Dangerwoman (Mar 2012) this week.

As for a mobile version of this site, I’m hoping to meet with my assistant webmaster (Siggy) next month to discuss that option (among other things).  Also give me some feedback on what you think about a bundling option with Poonet, AndesStudios, and TransartStudios.

Finally, there will no update on September 11th. That’s it for now.



Added Page 9 of Mount Harass: First Date 2

Added pg 5 of “Tony Parker’s Bad Day”

“My turn,” said Kevin.

Tony watched as Kevin pulled his cock, now fully rampant, pushing a foot long, and glistening with Eva’s saliva from her mouth. He stepped back and Eva raised herself off Sam’s cock. As soon as her pussy cleared the thick shaft, the stream of semen dripping from it, became a torrent. A steady flow of cum dripped from her pussy as she stepped up to the screen until that was all that appeared on Tony’s screen…

Added pg 9 of My Hot Ass Neighbor 6!

Wie slips Wong’s swollen cock inside her..