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Added Danny Phantom parody pics!

Added 3 versions of a parody pic of Maddie getting fucked by 2 Tuckers

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Added Page 1 of Danger Woman to the Quickies gallery

Added pg 12 of Old Man Jefferson 2!

Sandra rides atop Jefferson’s giant cock..

Added Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber sex pic

Selena Gomez with a sissy’ed up Justin Bieber in a glory hole room.. drawn by KJ

Added to the Celebrities Gallery


This week, I haven’t heard back from my new colorist Nic Chapuis about his progress with the Spiderman parody. I guess that means he’s not able to do it.. meaning he’s now the fourth person to flake on me since this site opened. Oh wells. It Happens. (I’ve done it to people too so I can’t really be mad) So yes, there’s a coloring position open for those skilled in digital comic book coloring. I usually post an ad at DigitalWebbing, but they’ve ‘updated’ their rules and I guess I’ll have to find talent elsewhere. Outside that, it’s been an extremely quiet weekend.

-So Mother and Daughter pornstars, Mia Robinson and Kiki Vidis, will be performing at the Erotica Lifestyles Expo in New Zealand. Check it out if you can. They promise it’ll be hot and raunchy.

-Porn star Mia Magma was named ‘Queen of the Hill’ at the 4th annual Naked Sledging World Cup, held in the Lower Saxony ski-resort town of Braunlage.  Congratulations to Mia. I imagine it was well deserved.

– The JKR Webmaster is working on the next newsletter. Be sure to check your email soon for that.

So this week, I sent all the pages of Kinkytales: Blind Date to Tayfun. I hope he can get that done on time.

Enigmawing is well and working on the next few pages of O Girl 2. That means Kinkytales: O Girl 2 is out of hiatus and will be rescheduled for a late April release.

Sperman also sent me some teasers for his upcoming ‘genie/bewitch’ comic The Final Wish. Check it out here.

And basically I’ve been working on the pages of Wrong House 8 all week. I’m barely halfway done with all of George’s scenes. And I haven’t even touched the Mystery Girl’s scenes yet. I also need to get this to Cuello soon so he can have a lot of time to finish this. This week though, I plan to just work on Moneymaker X so I can get that out of the way. I promised Shelly I’d get her the next few pages of Kinkytales: Mount Harass 2 last friday, but I’ve been kinda lazy doing that . I’ll get it to her this weekend I’m sure.

Thanks again and see you next week.


Added Page 8 of Angel Pie to the Kinkytales Comix Gallery

Added pg 6 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

The poonbot removed his finger and leaned down before the bound woman. He put both hands on the nipple clamps, fingers squeezing them to pinch her nipples. White fluid squirted out covering his thumbs and dribbling down the bottoms of her breasts. “Lactation has commenced,” said the poonbot. He hefted one of her large udders and squeezed, milk squirted out about half a foot in a steady stream from the swollen nipples…

Added pg 23 of A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts!

My cock was actually twitching in anticipation. Alana came out from under the blanket and presented her nudity to me. She crawled over to me as I tried to get a view of her pussy. Cat got unto her knees and came around to my legs. I pulled myself into a semi – reclined position, while Alana got onto her elbows on one side of my leg and Cat on the other. Alana’s head was only about six inches away from my groin. She began to rub my thigh, instructing Cat to rub the other…

Added Page 3 of Issue 5 to the Give Me An A Gallery

Added pg 4 of Farm Lessons 17!

BooBoo joins in on the trip to buy a new car..