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Some days a fella just can’t play his games in peace!

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Karmagik’s Ms. Cross


You ever have a teacher at your high school that you and/or other students wanted to fuck? My high school had two. One teacher was a really hot Puerto Rican lady the other was a redhead from TX. She was cute but her claim to fame was wearing tight ass jeans to school everyday. Every time she turned around or faced the front board, we had an opportunity to see a glorious ass. In memory of her sexy red hair and shapely butt cheeks I created a comic based on my experiences.

The comic is called Hot For Ms. Cross, it’s published by I wrote this comic as a 10 page one shot short. Namely as a way to get out some of my high school sexual tension. I was pleasantly surprised at how well received this comic was and how many discussions I’ve had about it.

Me and Karmagik did an art trade way back and I had him draw her. Like the other main character in the story, Quinton, I love Ms. Cross.


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The imagination is the most fertile playground of all…

Member Update: Sloppy Endings pinup


No carbs. My kind of eating.

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That pussy is hungry for big black cock, watch out boys!

Sloppy Endings Talk


By Moose

I had the idea late last year that I wanted to do a pinup series. Not some boring series that might give wood to art historian happy, something that would get your libido sweltering. I wanted a good mix of smut with gaping bums. I looked no further than artist Amy Matthews. Other than being a wonderful artist to work with, her style of art is among the most tastefully raunchy and beautiful the industry has ever seen. In an interview with Sarah Estrella, Amy talked about her style.

“There’s a lot of pinup art out there in the world, and there’s a lot of cartoon porn out there too. What I try to do in my work is to merge the two in a unique way. I wanted to see stylized erotic images that turned me on, and I was having a difficult time finding work that I enjoyed. The cheesecake stuff is often very well drawn, but never explicit…and the explicit stuff is rarely well drawn. So, I gave it a shot and started creating my own images in a style that I enjoy. The goal with CartoonPink is to create explicit images that retain a sweetness and a prettiness to them.”

In regards to our Sloppy Endings pinups line Amy said, “I’m very excited about the new project I’m working on with Dirty Comics. It will be some of the naughtiest, sloppiest, dirtiest illustrations I’ve done so far!”.

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Added Page 4 of Grumpy Old Man Jefferson 5!

It ain’t easy being pink!

A Book for your wife or girlfriend