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Added pg 12 of "My Hot Ass Neighbor 5"!

Added pg 12 of “My Hot Ass Neighbor 5”!

Wie shows how proud she is of Wong for doing well on his test..
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Added pg 25 to “The Apology” comic

Artwork by KJ, Added to the “Illustrated Stories” section

Added Page 3 of Moneymaker 5 to the Comix Gallery

Added pg 4 of "Farm Lessons 16"!

Added pg 4 of “Farm Lessons 16”!

Rita Mae’s brought the salesman to the local mechanic, but he can’t afford to pay for the repairs, so Rita offers a compromise..
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Added Page 6 of Car Trouble

Vivian wrinkled her nose as she leaned back on the dirty couch. She could hear the black men arguing out in the garage. Suddenly, one raised his voice. “Who dat fucking bitch think she is?”

Added Page 20 of Hood 2 to the Kinkytales Comic Gallery

Twilight Bella sex with Laurent

Added hot Twilight parody pic of Bella having sex with vampire Laurent doggystyle while Edward Cullen looks on helpless.

Added to “Celebrities” gallery

The Seance 4


LegioComix update – February 23rd

The story goes on… the pace increases…
Hope you’re enjoying! 😉