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Added Page 05 of Nursed to the Quickies Gallery


Added Page 05 of Nursed to the Quickies Gallery


Added pg 52 to “Shame”

Shame looked in the bag. Two hundred dollars to give Hetty a baby. Elijah was the natural leader of all the homesteaders. When his wife gave birth to a little black bastard, he would become the town laughing stock. Bodie could then take over his land as well as that of the other homesteaders. “One more thing Bodie,” said Shame. ” Don’t kill him.” Bodie paused for a moment and then nodded, he had what he wanted…

Added pg 20 of Bangin’ Buddies 2: Bethany and Mrs Harmon

Mrs Harmon drills Bethany with a dildo in her ass and pussy to a wild shooting climax spraying into Clyde and Rufus..

Added pg 17 of Red Angel!

Cunt Woman busts into the meat market with an angry fury..

Added Page 03 of Family Pie 2 to the Quickies Gallery


Added new Ay Papi Camping sketch!


Added Page 04 of Mortal Kumbath to the Quickies Gallery


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Added pg 51 to “Shame”

Elijah came out of the house just as Shame was mounting up. The rifle was sticking out of his saddle bag and his things were rolled up. He looked just like he had the day he rode up.

“Shame, this is my fight,” said Elijah.

Shame dismounted. “Elijah, if you ride into town, you’ll be as dead as Jake is.”

“I’m a man of god, Shame, but there’s only so much a man can take. I’m coming with you.”