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Added a Vampire Pinup to the Misc Gallery

Added New Comic ‘Give Me an A’ to the Comics Section

Added pg 1 of "Johnny Testicles"

Added pg 1 of “Johnny Testicles”

Gill pulls up to greet Lila just arriving home from work..

Added "Emma Frost" parody pic!

Added “Emma Frost” parody pic to the XXX-Men gallery
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Added Page 28 of Car Trouble

Vivian pressed her clit hard into Brad as she pushed back into Fish. “You liking it now, bitch?” asked Fish. “You like having your ass stuffed full of black cock?”

Added 6 Sketches to the Sketches Gallery

Started new "Johnny Testicles" comic!

Added the cover to start a new “Johnny Testicles” comic!


Added pg 45 to end “The Apology” comic

The party started out slowly, but picked up when the black men showed up. Taylor was the only one not surprised when Kanye West arrived with rappers and hip hop artists signed with his record label and some other friends.. Pictures were leaked from the party. Juliana Hough was seen leaving with 50-cent. Even Fergie was seen cheating on her husband with Will-I-Am…

July Newsletter

Just letting you all know we’ve blasted out our July Newsletter.
For those of you who might’ve missed it, it can be viewed at:


Added Page 17 of O Girl to the Kinkytales Comic Gallery