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Added Cover Page of Moneymaker 6 to the Moneymaker Gallery (not really)

April Fools folks, find some hot smurf action in the Media Parody Gallery!

Added Page 11 of Car Trouble

“Fine, just don’t cum in my mouth.” Vivian took the head in her mouth and sucked on it. Lou was big, very big.

Added pg 10 of "Farm Lessons 16"!

Added pg 10 of “Farm Lessons 16”!

Luke approaches Jez about Zeke’s crush on her..
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Added pg 30 to “The Apology” comic

Artwork by KJ, Added to the “Illustrated Stories” section

Added Page 2 of O Girl to the Kinkytales Comic Gallery

Added pg 9 of "Farm Lessons 16"!

Added pg 9 of “Farm Lessons 16”!

The salesman gets a chubby watching Rita Mae while she seductively admires his vacuum..
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Added Page 2 of Gillygan to Quickies Comic Gallery

The Seance 6


The REAL Antonio arrives.

Added Hot pic of Megan Fox interracial sex

The winner of our poll by a landslide, most of you voted to see Megan Fox having hot interracial sex. So here’s a pic by KJ with her getting double penetrated by 2 massive Black cocks and enjoying every minute of it! We also have plans to spoof some of the other celebrity babes listed in our poll, so stay tuned..

Located in the “Celebrities” gallery of the Members Area

Added Page 3 of Final Fuckasy to the Quickies Comix Gallery