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Added Page 5 of DnA 2!

A forbidden desire burns deep within…

Added a Sketch by JAB

Member Update: Memorial Day Pinup


Sharona supports the troops, and we support Sharona.

Added a Memorial Day Pinup by Moose

We at JABComix give thanks to the brave men and women who have fought for our freedom to enjoy fine titties, bodacious booties, and dripping wet pussies and the hard cocks that fill them.

Cucky husband


Husband forced to just watch while his thick pawg wife let’s his mandingo workbuddy plug her ass!

Added Page 4 of DnA 2!

Val’s brush with the taboo leaves him turned around…

Twitter Poll

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The question is:


What interest is there for me to open a website, for a small fee, that contains all the comic ruffs including layered PDFs with hidden gems?


I’m thinking of including all the supporting material it takes to make a comic book, from the roughs to the inks, including scripts and the hundreds of model sheets I’ve created over the years.  What would be unique in this website is that you would have the opportunity to download PDFs of my working files that would include the layers on comic book pages.  There have been times when I’ve up to 70 layers on just one page.  You can go in and turn on and off individual layers to see what’s underneath.  Sometimes I draw an entire figure underneath that later get covered up by something else or perhaps partially covered up. You will also have the opportunity to see the first layers of a comic book page, the super rough stuff.  Sometimes I do up to four passes on a single image before I settle with a cleaned version that is ready for inking. There are also different versions of a drawing underneath, so you will get to see poses that I just didn’t like or didn’t work for the purposes of that particular page.  Lately I’ve been creating some of my backgrounds using Blender 3D tools, so you will get to see what’s been created using 3D images and what’s been drawn by hand.


If this website is launched, it would be an artist’s dream for the inside scoop of what it takes to create JABCOMIX.  We have years and years of material available that has never been seen by the public. Only the finished versions have been available to JABCOMIX members, with the occasional model sheets that we post, plus sketches.  However, this will not only include all the concept art like the sketches, it will have the pencils of artists like Bliss and Porkskin and the beautiful inks of Mark Kleanup.  The only thing it will not have is the finished comic book version, which is what JABCOMIX.COM is all about. 


So go vote and let me know if I should invest my time and energy into developing this website.


(You may ask, why don’t I include all this stuff in the regular website. The answer is that I don’t really think everybody would be interested in seeing roughs as an update and would feel otherwise cheated in the cost of being a member.  So the short answer is that I believe in delivering finished product to the customer.  This is why this separate website would be at a substantially lower rate that the main website.)


P.S. Keep in mind that this website hasn’t been created yet. I am only getting the feel of what the public wants.  If there is no interest, then I will continue with business as usual.

Added Page 12 of Santo Playa No.1!

A tropical paradise is a great place to make new friends!

Added Page 18 of Da’Younguns & Dragon 2!

A good poke with his mighty sword is just the ticket!

Member Update: Sketch


Aliens really do love anal probing.