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Added a Pinup to the Jinx Gallery

Added pg 32 of A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts!

I went back to the position behind her legs. Her pussy looked even better since the short period I had left it. I squeezed her thick labia together then opened them up. The area between her lips and legs was quite slick now. I desperately wanted to taste her again, so I drew my tongue around her lips. I placed my mouth over her whole slit and sucked in. I could taste her wetness as it doused my mouth…

Fuu Night Out – Part Four

Time for the slut gets what she deserves! 😀


Added Page 2 of Wrong House 6.5 to the Blog

Added pg 15 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

Chris turned his attention to his neighbor. The wires running up to her tits were stretched taut as the poonbot pulled them. She was wincing in pain as her over inflated breasts were pulled upwards by the suction cups around her nipples. Short jets of milk continued filling the reservoir and dripped from the spigots. With a loud “POP!” the suction cups came free of her nipples. Brittany Stevens’ massive breasts jiggled up and down, milk shooting from her hard nipples to splatter all over the living room floor in front of her. For the first time she moved, stepping backward, arching her back, trying to maintain her balance as her breasts continued to shake…

Added Cover Page of Archee 3 to the Quickies Gallery

Legiocomix Update – March 29th

Jenni’s back to class!
And more super heroines! ^^

Have fun!


Added Page 1 of Wrong House 6.5 to the Blog

We had some technical issues with our equipment, which has effected our ability to update on schedule. We should have it fix by now and hopefully we can continue updating without a hitch. I apologize for any inconvience this may cause.

Okay so for all your JKR fans,  here’s an advance viewing of  page 1 of Wrong House 6.5. Enjoy.


Added pg 9 of Farm Lessons 17!

Kelly whips out sex toys from her bag to pleasure Nelly with..

Added Page 5 of Danger Woman to the Quickies gallery