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Added Page 10 of Esther 4 Interracial Comic

Then I felt a huge, and soft body press on my body and start caressing my skin with his fat body in a slow and soft motion.

Added pg 3 of "Farm Lessons 15"!

Added pg 3 of “Farm Lessons 15”!

The aliens start probing Rita Mae’s orifices..
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August 2009 Art Contest Poll Results

Congratulations to Niicko for winning our August 2009 Art Contest!
This makes it Niicko’s 3rd contest in a row that he’s won. Can anyone dethrone him in our next contest?
Well that remains to be seen..

Thanks for everyone who participated. We look forward to your submissions in our next contest!

Who should win the August 2009 Art Contest?

Anangel 16 11%
Cheo_D 14 10%
ElysiumBliss 5 3%
Erikon 11 8%
Fury69x 7 5%
HyunXt 0 0%
karmagik 13 9%
LIB 13 9%
Mrak 0 0%
Niicko 62 42%
the nacnac 5 3%

Total votes: 146
Start date: Sep 9, 2009
End date: Sep 23, 2009

Added pg 2 of "Farm Lessons 15"!

Added pg 2 of “Farm Lessons 15”!

Luke and Rita Mae find themselves the subject of an alien lab class..
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Added Page 9 of Esther 4 Interracial Comic

Then the fat lips guy pull down my panty to my ankles and then I felt something pointing to the entrance of my wet and welcoming pussy and its extremly desirable and tickling.

Added pg 1 of "Farm Lessons 15"!

Added pg 1 of “Farm Lessons 15”!

Rita Mae finds Luke out in the fields waiting to capitalize on a UFO sighting..
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The Seance 1


Oh, the power of greed.

New old pic ^^

Blue vs Red!! ^^

September 20th Updates

Updates for Legiocomix! ^^

Hard working girls… ^^

Added the cover to "Farm Lessons 15"!

Added the cover to start a new “Farm Lessons 15”!

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