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Added a Pinup to the Jinx Gallery

Added pg 17 of A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts!

I wanted to feel the whole breast and not just the nipple, so I cupped my hand under Cat’s breast first, and used my thumb to trace around her areola. I realized that I was supposed to be just judging their hardness, so I circled my thumb over her nipple. It was erect and felt fantastic. I then stopped cupping her breast with my palm and rolled the nipple between my thumb and fingers. Cat was nibbling on her lip again, while Alana was watching intently…



I’ve watched a few episodes of Ghost Whisperer  and already I had to draw something perverted. I’ve always been a fan of JLH’s petite body, amazing rack, and awesome DSL’s.  I’m waiting for some ghost to take off her top or start fingering her something.  But maybe, that’s just me.  :)

Added Page 6 of Angel Pie to the Kinkytales Comix Gallery

Legiocomix Update – January 30th

Ginny is back! Then Jenni! Then more pages of superheroine comics! ^^ Enjoy!!


Added Rooney Mara interracial sex pic!

Hot pic by KJ of Rooney Mara taking a hard Black cock from behind

Located in the “Celebrities” gallery


Hey everyone. Shesh it’s freakin’ cold tonight. Current’y I’m working on page 6 of Mount Harass 2 and watching a friend play Arkham Asylum. I still haven’t addressed the the void in my future updates yet but hopefully I’ll get to it soon. I have a “Blondie” Parody Pinup series available. I may use that to fill the void and get Vorscal to color the rest of the “Garfield” parody.

-So all the pages to Mortal Kumbath are pencilled. Page 3 was sent to Alek last friday and the rest will be sent to him soon.

-All the pages to Spydersperm are inked. They’ll all be sent to Nic soon.

-Shelly finished 3 pages of Mount Harass 2.

-Chip Cannon has 2 holiday pinups done.

Assvengers is completely done and will be ready for release in April.

-This week I hope to get Moneymaker X started and work on Mount Harass 2. I also am going to look for additional colorists and digital inkers (boy are they super rare now) to handle some new projects.

TO THOSE LOOKING FOR EMPLOYMENT HERE: We get a lot of spam here, so you’re going to need to prove you’re a human being first. Sorry but last time I opened a ‘looking for work’ email, my computer crashed and I lost a lot of content. Provide samples of your work and what position you’re looking for. Basically that’s it.

That’s it from me. Stay warm and enjoy the site.

Added pg 7 of Old Man Jefferson 2!

Sandra strips naked for Old Man Jefferson..

Added Page 1 of Issue of 5 to the Give Me An A Gallery

Added pg 9 of “Jungle Janet”

Added pg 9 of “Jungle Janet” to the Comics section