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hey everyone,

So things are in order now. Dark Cock Rises will replace Spidersperm’s time slot in July, Irene Insurance 2 will replace Dark Cock Rises’s time slot in June.  Libertywoman 2  and California Poon 4 will run in August, and Family Pie 2 will take the last time slot in October.  that should make things run smoother now. So for now here is what the schedule looks like.

  • May: Asspen and Moneymaker X
  • June: Irene Insurance 2
  • July: The Final Wish and Dark Cock Rises
  • August: Libertywoman 2, California Poon 4, and Happy Anniversary 4
  • September: Walnuts 4  and Moneymake 11
  • October: Mount Harass 2, Mortal Kumbath, and Family Pie 2
  • November: Archee 4
  • December: New Year

-Dixie’s bio from Mount Harass is up in the JKRwiki. Feel free to check it out.

-Sharpie sent in another page of Liberty Woman 2.

-Tayfun Sezer finished the cover of Irene Insurance 2. The lineart of Irene Insurance 2 are done. Half the pages are already sent to Tayfun for coloring.

-Cover for Dark Cock Rises is finished.

-I have no plans this week. It’s just finishing anything I have on my plate.

That’s it from me. I’ll talk to you guys later.

Added Page 1 of Blind Date to the Kinkytales Gallery

Added pg 24 of “Dream Blonde Delivery”

Her legs were splayed, pussy still leaking cum. She breathed heavily, looking up at the clouds with a dazed smile on her face. Chris leaned down over her and kissed her. They both felt his cock hardening again and positioned themselves so that he could enter her…

Added pg 2 of Red Angel!

Cunt Woman hides beside a car parked outside Ultrex’s bar where Frank Rodriguez and Hugo plot Sue Wallace’s murder..

Added Test Paper to the Give Me An A 5 Gallery

Added pg 40 of A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts!

She smelled so good! I squeezed her ass and slipped my hand under her panties to get a proper feel. She pulled my face from her neck and kissed me passionately. Her hand found my penis and she played with it teasingly. At that moment, I was the most confident I had ever been. So I decided to risk it and tell Cat what I wanted from her. I broke our kiss and whispered into her ear.

“Cat, would you let Sophia eat you out for me.”

Added pg 5 of “Buffler Ed 2″

Added pg 5 of “Buffler Ed 2″ to the comics section

Added Page 4 of Archee 3 to the Quickies Gallery

Legiocomix Update – April 26th

Story goes on…


Added pg 13 of Farm Lessons 17!

Rita Mae takes the salesman’s cock in her mouth inside a car..