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Added pg 16 of “Lessons from the Neighbor 2”

Megan swirled her tongue around the head before swallowing about half of it. As she felt it throbbing in her mouth, she wondered if she could truly give it up. I was born to have this cock in my mouth, she thought. She hadn’t felt this complete and fulfilled for… well since the last time she had sucked him off. For the first time in her 36 years of life, Megan knew what it felt like to be a woman. She decided that if it was to be the last time, she was going to make it count for something. Megan, arched her neck and swallowed all 12 inches into her throat, kissing the base of his cock with her lips.

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Alexis and John confront one another..

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Jamal returned her stare. He felt so powerful when he saw the look of awe on her face. Then she was leaning forward and kissing his lips, mumbling “Thank you,” over and over again. Her tongue pushed at his lips and he parted his mouth and let her inside. He kissed her back for a minute before pushing her back, and standing up. He let his massive cock dangle teasingly just before her face and within seconds she had fallen to her knees before him and taken it in her mouth…

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Lucy notices Noreen yelling at Claire and comes to her rescue..

Feb 24th – Updates & Upcomings

First, the good old what’s new. Along Fuu’s, we’re starting another illustrated story we call, so far, “Jenny”. Maybe later we can change its name, but so far so good. It’ll be prett much like Fuu’s, with text, pencils illustrations and some color pin-ups to mark the important parts of the story. You’ll enjoy, I bet. ^^


“Jenny Kramer was the kind of girl professors loved and boys couldn’t stand. She was pretty but didn’t realize it. She wore glasses and never paid much attention to her messy hair, yet the frumpy T-shirts she wore didn’t hide her big breasts and nipples, torturing the guys in the class. She didn’t have time for talking to boys about anything but homework. She didn’t want to hear about their parties or their favorite sports.     Not only that, she was smart. She answered questions in class even when she wasn’t asked, and she always got the highest grades. At lunch, instead of sitting with the others in the dining halls, she’d eat alone with her books and study for her quizzes.
    She had tried dating guys, but she found it hard. All they wanted from her was sex, and she wanted nothing more than a decent guy looking for a long-term relationship. Why couldn’t guys appreciate her for the smart, nice girl she was?
    They all wanted to treat her like nothing but a sex object! She knew she had big boobs. Why couldn’t they look past them?
     Jenny loved answering questions in class. She always worked hard on her papers and did all the extra work even when she knew she was going to get an A already.
    She went on field trips and helped professors with their research. That made them notice her. She liked people knowing who she was, paying attention to her
    She got awards and got called on when her professors wanted a hard question answered. And Jenny Kramer was always eager to help, because she liked hearing them tell her how smart she was, and how glad they were that she was around.
    She loved being the favorite.”

As for upcomings, we’ll have more Fuu and Jenny – don’t worry, we were just heating up with Jenny, her story will have a lot more than scenes like these. 😉

And for those who are concerned about Ginny’s Week (yes buckeyes, thats you), we intend to go along Ginny’s Week, or at least finish Monday and go to Tuesday this year! (kidding) We’re coloring the next pages of Monday right now – Anne delivered the first of them yesterday. But they’ll be posted pretty much like Seth and Repree’s story was, panel by panel. It’s better to see, like this. ^^



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