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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all the united states citizens. I hope you’re enjoying your holiday.


Angel Pie is done and will be ready for its release on December.

– Enigmawing is ready to get the next few pages of O Girl completed.

Give Me An A 5 is in Grafeletter’s hands now.

– Misterioso is done with Family Pie. It’ll be sent to Grafeletter next week. Misterioso will start on The Walnuts 3 this week.

– JAB told me in chat that there was suppose to be a Nurse Stacy comic by Lion O but i guess Lion O went missing. So i offered my services. We’ll see what happens.

– looks like Team Hello Kitty 3: Dark Kitty Rises will win the JAB collaboration contest. I decided to do a victory pinup that’s now in Moose’s hands. Thanks for voting for us. I can never repay your kindness.

Added pg 30 of “Winning Amanda Through Intimidation”

“Darius, don’t come back, ever…”

“I hear you, homey. I won’t be back.”

I nodded. “And, thanks.”

“For…?” he asked.

“For not trying anything with Cindy.”

He shook his head and laughed, “I didn’t have to try anything with Cindy, Daddy. That first day by the pool, I went to take a piss. She came in and offered to hold my cock for me, and then she sucked me off. I came all over her face…

Added Power Girl parody sketch!

Added nude sketch of Power Girl to the Miscellaneous Sketches section

Added Page 03 of Kym Pregnable 3 to the Quickies Gallery!