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Added another Emma Watson interracial sex pic

Hot pic by KJ of Emma Watson getting her snatch stretched out by Black cock added to the “Celebrities” gallery

Added new Wonder Woman parody pic!

Added a hot parody pic of Wonder Woman by Niicko to the Superbabes -> Justits League parodies section


Hey everyone,

Alright some quick updates.

-Last week, we had 4 banners made and posted for a high traffic site (2 parodies, 2 original titles). From those 4 it appears Irene Insurance is the most popular (beating the next best title, Mount Harass, by 4ooo clicks). While I didn’t plan a sequel, maybe it’s something to consider now. Gillygan proved to be the least interesting  title.

-the JKR Wiki is still under construction, but you can check it out here. Not much is there though.

-All the lineart for The Walnuts 3 is done. Now I have to decide who colors it.

-3 pages of lineart for Libertywoman 2 is done. I should have all the pages done by this week and in Sharpie’s hands by next week.

-the coloring for The Assvengers is done. It’ll be sent to DigitalCAPs soon.

-page 1 of Dark Cock Rising is technically done but I don’t like what I’ve done. I may have Cunt work on the title or work on a new title.

-The cover for Mortal Kumbath is done.

-comicstrip Blonde is now 2 pages away from completion.

– 5 more strips of John are penciled and inked.

-This week, I plan to get some covers for The Moneymaker 10 and 11 done and sent to Alek Montel. Then I’ll start sketching out The Wrong House 8 and The Amazing Spydersperm.

-If you want my opinion about JAB’s Kiki Possible, it’s not my type of comic. I’m not a fan of the grown up look and the storyline. Obviously I’m bias because I think JKR’s Kym Pregnable is a better comic. I’m also a hypocrite on the ‘grown up’ look since we did that for The Peanuts parody, The Walnuts.

-As for the contest, we’ll have a 5 page preview up next week.