Saving Halloween is posting on DirtyComics.com and we did a quick Q&A with writer extraordinaire Joe Mahan.

Q: Joe, your story Saving Halloween is premiering this month on DirtyComics.com. What is the story about more or less and what went through your mind as you wrote it?

A: I’ve always liked taboo comics that treat “family comics” as a real taboo thing. I’m not as big a fan of those comics where taboo just sort of happens and everyone seems to be OK with it. When I write a forbidden story like this, then, I try to think of ways in which the interaction can sort of happen naturally. It can’t just be, ‘Oops, mom and son get horny and start screwing.’ That seems boring to me. But when taboo is treated as a real taboo, as something forbidden, and it still happens, that’s much more interesting and erotic, at least to me. So, Saving Halloween started with me wondering how a fairly devoted, good dad could end up having sex with his hot daughter. And I also like it when my main characters also cause something to happen. So in this story, the sex that the dad and daughter do have turns out to have real implications. That sounds like a lot of thought for a porn comic, but approaching the story this way makes writing the script more fun.

Q: The main character Audrey has a tremendous rack and her mom (who’s cosplaying Elvira no less) has even larger one. Did you base these two characters on existing people or do you just love boobies?

A: Audrey and her mom are not based on real people. But, yes, I do like big breasts! I also have a thing for both Elvira and Lara Croft, so having the opportunity to have these characters dress like these two was too good to pass up. It was one way to get two of the faves from my teen years into a single comic. I once read something from famed film critic Roger Ebert — who, from what I understand, was a bit of a perv — that Elvira was one of his all-time favorite sex symbols. So, I’d like to think I’m in good company when it comes to lusting after the character.

Q: Did you write Saving Halloween as a one-shot story or did you plan on different stories with Audrey and company?

A: I’m always open to continuing the adventures of my characters. I’d have to get creative to figure out more ways for Audrey and her dad to keep having sex. I have written a few other scripts, though, based on other holidays and taboo, and would love to see them turned into actual comics, too.