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Kandi Sketch


By Moose

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Added a Harry Johnson Page to the Comix-Strips Gallery!


Added a MilkMaids Pinup!

Wanna work for DirtyComics? Here’s what you need to know.


By Moose

I get solicited by artists and writers who want to work for DirtyComics. I can’t hire everyone but I will give you an idea of what I look for. If you’re an artist it may help you or it may satisfy your curiosity if you’re a fan.


If you’ve read my Draw Porn series (and I recommend you do) I mentioned having a portfolio of content that is similar to the job you are applying for. DirtyComics is no different. When a penciler gives me samples I look for anal. Whether it’s pinups or sequentials I want to see how an artist handles the booty. There’s nothing worse than putting a penciler on a book and by the time they get to page 5 they explain that they’re uncomfortable drawing gapes or a girl with a penis.

The next thing I look for is style and the fundamentals. Those two sound odd together but I have to see both. When it comes to style I generally want pencilers with an animation influenced style. If you have a realistic style I’m not sure if it will translate well into our comics. On the other side I expect pencilers to be strong in their perspective and draftsmanship. I also expect to see appeal in the drawings. Beautifully illustrated porn with NO appeal puts me to sleep.

Inkers and Colorists

So far I have yet to hire an inker or colorist. Most artists I work with generally wear at least two hats, or do all three (pencil, ink, and color). Plus as a former colorist I color most of the line art on the site so until I get so busy I can’t handle it all there’s not much for work for a color artist at this time.


Believe it or not, I’m harder on writers than I am pencilers. Here’s why. Most writers write porn like older superhero movies. They spend the first 45 minutes explaining how the guy got super powers and how the villain is born, and THEN the action starts. When the writer has to give disclaimers like, wait til issue #2 or the sex will start after page 14. If you can’t find a way to make your story interesting starting with page one, I’m probably not going to like it.

Here’s what I look for and the formula I expect a writer to use. Every page should have tension, nudity, and/or sex and it should build page after page. I should want to turn every page to see what happens next. This is why four and five page intros don’t work for me. Find a way to hook your reader with page one and don’t let them go until the issue is over. With out consistent tension (or conflict), nudity, and/or sex your story will lose the reader at some point. I don’t care how much anal you write or how “pretty” the mom is gonna be in your story.

My philosophy and goal with comics is to entertain. Yes I want hot chicks and gaping assholes but if you do it in a way where you ignore entertaining your audience, the comic is going to suck. Maybe if you have a great art team that may “save” the script but I don’t want to rely on the heroics of the art team. Make a good story the first time.

One last note, I want my comics to look like porn comics. Not everyone has to be sexy in a DirtyComics comic but the sluts in the story should not be a secret. You know when you’ve seen a Michael Bay movie because all the girls are under 25, tan, and are under 15% body fat. Well, you know a DirtyComics’ comic when you see whores with huge tits and and big asses coming out of their clothing. Our comics [on average] should look like porn comics.

Keep all of this in mind when you’re submitting for work. There are always exceptions to the rules but the rules are here to help you. If you have any direct questions talk to me on Twitter at Dirty_Comics or e-mail me : Moose at Dirty

Member Update: Page 10 of American MILF #2


Boys will be boys.

Added Page 13 of Action Fuckin’ Hank 2!

Hank has no time for such things!

WTF Happened to University Girls?


By Moose

About a year ago I released a comic that I wrote and illustrated called University Girls (UG). UG is about two college freshman roommates who end up making out after a party and things in their lives start to get complicated. I worked on this series scripting it out for about a year and I got to the point where I couldn’t wait to draw it. Then about seven months ago, I stopped posting pages. What happened?

The first obstacle that slowed down production was I hated what I was drawing. I could say this about just about anything I draw. During and after I draw something, I’m always looking for faults and things I could have done differently. Around page 8 I just stopped “feeling it.” I felt like everything that I (and Sir Cum Alot) poured into the writing phase was being let down.

Then I switched from a ‘hardcore’ site to an anal site. Not that there’s a huge difference in the direction of the story but I still wanted to rewrite the script to make sure I was maximizing the anal. And there was plenty of anal in this already by the way… I don’t intend to pull a George Lucas and redraw the whole series or anything but I’m happy to completely stop and come back to the series.

First things first. I’m going to finish editing the script to issue #1. I’ll make sure the rest of the comic is in line with the rest of the site’s goals. Then I’ll start drawing and updating the series again. My goal is to have new pages in the member area staring in April.

If you have any questions or want to give any suggestions for the rest of the series, let me know at Twitter @Dirty_Comics or e-mail moose at

Added Page 1 of Star Porn – The Cock Awakens!


Added Page 10 of Grumpy Old Man Jefferson 5!

It won’t take a very strong breeze to lift a skirt that short!

Added a Red Angel Sketch!

A bonus Red Angel update!