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 How Francine learned to stop worrying and love anal

By Karmagik


With the second issue of American MILF coming to a close, I thought I could give a bit of insight as to the process of how the comic came to be.  Obviously the first thing that had to happen before the first issue came out was Moose asking me if I would be interested in working on an American Dad parody comic for DirtyComics. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant since I do a lot of American Dad parody stuff already, most notably my long running and ongoing comic “The American Wet Dream.” I didn’t really want to become the “American Dad guy” and I didn’t want to get burnt out on some of the characters I enjoy drawing a great deal.

One simple thing sold me on saying yes… this comic would focus on Francine and her sexual adventures.
The other things I have done with American Dad characters started off focusing on Francine, but expanded to cover the whole family and quickly became an excuse to draw as many characters from the show, especially the other sexy ladies. So the amount of pages where I got to draw my favorite cartoon MILF became fewer and farther between. This new comic would give me a chance to draw my favorite lady getting down and dirty.

The fact that I got to write the script was also a huge benefit. This meant that I got to tell the stories I wanted and make sure I had the visuals I wanted to see on the page. Before I even knew about Moose’s absolute obsession with asses, I had turned in a script detailing Francine getting pounded in the ass by her husband’s boss (see issue 1).  As you will no doubt have seen in issue two, this awakens desires within her long since buried and a yearning for big cocks in her ass.