Archive for June 3rd, 2013

Added a Sketch of Dora Leading the Way!


Follow Dora to an exciting treasure!

Located in the Sketches -> Misc gallery


Thank you for everyone’s patience at this time. Updates are updating again and business will run as usual. The business infrastructure and its leadership is going to change over the coming weeks so please bare with us in this journey. This week we will update some sketches to go along with this week’s updates. There will be no single sketch update day this month. The next sketch update will be scheduled next month and once every month as usual.

Added Page 15 of Mount Harass 2 to the Kinkytales Gallery


Added a Memorial for Kevin to the Special Gallery


Added a Sketch of Natalie Doing a Striptease!

Natalie takes it off nice and slow….
Located in the Sketches -> Ay Papi gallery