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Added pg 18 of Rich Bitch 2: Public Toy

On his way to Alexa’s house, Melvin notices the free pussy sticking out of the wall (not knowing this is actually Alexa)..



Ho Ho Ho. Seasons Greetings everyone!

– 2 more pages of the Great Scott Saga 4 is done.

– Lineart for Alice the Menace is done. It’ll be sent to someone soon.

– Michelle finished another page of Mount Harass 2.

So nothing happening this week. If I’m drawing.. it’ll be just random junk. Happy Holidays everyone and if we survive December 21th.. I’ll see ya next week!

Added pg 1 of Old Man Jefferson: A Wrinkly Carol

Grumpy Old Man Jefferson is awaken by the ghost of his old friend Marley, who warns him of the trouble of continuing his promiscuous ways..