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Added a Cartoon Pink Pinup!

The boyfriend that never gets tired!

Added Page 17 of A Model Life!




I want to open this up to all of you as well.  Follow me on Instagram so you too may sign up for a free drawing from me. I do these on my spare time, when I am not working hard on my porn that I deliver to you guys. Sometimes I am working hard, sometimes it’s not hard (if you know what I mean).  Anyway, I have enough followers on Instagram that you shouldn’t be afraid of following me for fear of association.  I’m sure many of my followers on Instagram are not members here.  For that reason alone, I invite any of you to join up on Instagram, it’s free, and sign up for a free drawing when I announce it later today.


Last time I opened up the list was a year and half ago. There are no guarantees that I will open it again after this.


Follow the link above to go the my post on Instagram.


However, follow this link to see when I announce the list open. At that point, you must immediately put down your name to ensure you get on the list. Only 150 will be accepted.




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Added a Cartoon Pink Pinup!

Added Page 16 of A Model Life!

Where did she get to…?

Added a Pinup of Josie!

That’s a hot piece of tail….

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