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Added Page 7 of the Hardon Sibs!

This case is just what our gumshoes are looking for!

Added Page 5 of Farm Lessons 20!

Who will save that poor buxom young woman!?

Added a Pinup by DL Toon!

Added Page 10 of Total Fucking Drama 2!

Looks like everyone’s having a fun day at camp!

Added a Peaches and Cream Pinup!

Added Page 4 of Snowed In!

Life is all about compromises…

Added Page 6 of the Hardon Sibs!

Time to sleuth!

Added Page 4 of Farm Lessons 20!

Such a thoughtful gentleman!

Added Page 3 of The Improbables!

Time to save the day!

Added Page 14 of A Model Life 3!

You show me yours and and I’ll show you mine…