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Ain’t nothing quite like a vintage nudie mag!


Rita is just dripping wet for you…


Q. What is the difference in drawing between spit and cum?
How can you tell one from the other in the same panel?

A. This was actually a tough one for me. Lots of trial and error. At first I used to do knockouts (color the inked lines) on semen but not on spit. Then I used cool greys on spit, and warm greys and whites on cum. None of it it ever really worked as a discernable difference for me. Now I would say I make spit/drool/etc. with more grey, translucent, and reflective (e.g. more highlights). As for cum, I try to make it look more creamy. Think water versus melted vanilla ice cream. Sometimes I’ll even do highlights above the line art and shadows underneath. It helps give spooge that thick and creamy element to it.

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It takes advanced meditative techniques to master such stamina!

Meanwhile, in Julia’s bedroom….